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  1. Wow, ladies, this is intense. I’m super excited to join in again. Looks like we will be busy with lots of reading options. thanks for creating another challenge.

  2. I finally sat down last night and went through everything, asked my questions on the FB group – Thanks Melanie and Berls – and documented my plan, as well as my list of 15. Now if only it were June 9th. I’m saving my July and August eARCs as they are on the list. So until then it’s leftover June ARCs, and library books. Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. […] And so it begins! COYER’s birthday isn’t officially until August 20th, but like any five year old it wanted a big celebration. So we’re giving COYER the best time we could think of be recapping all the COYER events we’ve had over the past five years. And like most birthday parties, there’s a goody bag for you to fill up! For full details, rules, etc check out the sign-up post. […]

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